Suesca is a little town (pop 14.242) near to Bogotá in Colombia, South America.  The only way to arrive Suesca is by car or public transportation. The closest  international airport is “El Dorado” in Bogotá.

By public transportation:

Using “Transmilenio” (public bus system) get into “Portal del Norte”  (Last station at North), there you can transfer to Intermunicipal Bus, Suesca is 45 minutes away from Bogotá using the North High Way.

By car

Go north using the North High Way on direction Tunja, after second toll next vehicular bridge is the Guatavita, Sesquila, Suesca intersection, go right direction over the bridge, return south 150 meters, turn right and follow path for other six kilometers, last part is crowded by pedestrians and bickers.

The rocks are one kilometer before arrive the town and before crossing Bogotá river bridge, from there turn right to the railway and go 150 meters north direction.